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Check out http://www.lm-sensors.org  an open source project for embedded “sensors” for your Linux system.

I needed an easy way to check the CPU temperature for my new PC from the command line.  This is yet another great example of what open source has to offer.

On my Ubuntu 7.10 server, it was too easy:

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

sudo sensors-detect

This will test your system to see which sensors should be installed.  Near the end, allow it to auto-add the kernel modules for you (make a note, in case you want to yank them later – for me, once I am done with the testing, I may remove them.)

Reboot your system

Once rebooted, type:


This gave me what I was looking for – CPU temp.  And a bonus – fan RPM.

I am sure there are many other uses for this – I have just scratched the surface.


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Quick Tips on Networking with Linux

Sometimes you may boot your computer and find that the network is not up.  You check the built in network tools, and can’t easily see what the problem is – time to drop to the command prompt to make some changes.  Here are some tips:

Check you current settings:


Don’t see your network interface(s) listed?  You may need to manually configure them.  Try this:

ifconfig -a

to show you all of your interfaces.  You are likely looking for ethx, where x is a number for your interface.

Now you’ll need to edit the network config file:

cd /etc/network
sudo vi interfaces

To add DHCP to a network interface, your config file should look like this (for eth1, for example):

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp

That’s the bare-bones basics.  I’ll add more later.

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